walking text workshop 5

d.i.n.e.  2020 workshop programme  Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 workshop programme is suspended for the time being.  We look forward to dancing together again when circumstances allow.

January 19th led by Beth Loughran
February 16th led by Angela Kennedy
March 15th led by Tim Rubidge (venue Burnlaw Centre, Northumberland) POSTPONED
April 19th led by Paula Turner (venue Dry Water Arts Centre, Amble, Northumberland) POSTPONED
May 17th led by Esther Huss
June 21st led by Claire Pencak (venue The Bakery Studio, Jedburg, Scottish Borders)
July 19th led by Karen Rann
September 20th Chemaine Cooke (venue in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire)
October 18th led by Susie Tate
November 15th led by Liz Pavey
December 20th led by Ruth Hayward
All workshops Sundays 11.30am – 3.30pm at the Wylam Institute, NE41 unless otherwise stated

Afternoons of movement-based creative exploration for dance professionals and other artists with an interest in improvisation practices.

If you intend coming to any of our events it’s good a idea to let us know to expect you.  You can email Liz Pavey at liz.pavey@northumbria.ac.uk or call Angela Kennedy on 07817 372670

For sessions at Wylam Institute – participants are invited to make a contribution toward the hire cost of the space (suggest £6/8)

The Wylam Institute, Church Road, Wylam, Northumberland NE41 8AP (The village is West along the River Tyne, two train stops from Newcastle.  On street parking available.)

You may want to bring some food.  We will provide tea and biscuits.

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